Thanks for asking. My name is Jon Mooallem. I'm the author of the short ebook AMERICAN HIPPOPOTAMUS and also WILD ONES, which was chosen as a notable book of 2013 by The New York Times Book Review, The New Yorker, NPR’s Science Friday, Outside Magazine and Canada’s National Post among others. I've been a Contributing Writer to the New York Times Magazine since 2006 and am also writer at large for Pop-Up Magazine, the live magazine, performed on stage, in San Francisco. I've contributed to This American Life, Harper's, Wired, The New Yorker, Radiolab and lots of other magazines and radio shows. In 2014, I spoke at TED.

Recently, I've written about the man who lives at the center world, a pastor who ministers exclusively to baseball umpires and crazy ants taking over Texas. Two other recent favorites are here and here. I also investigated mysterious monk seal murders in Hawaii for a cover story for the New York Times Magazine. And this one's about a monkey on the loose in Florida. And this one's about power outages caused by squirrels. I write a weekly column for Wired called THIS WEEK IN WILD ANIMALS. Thought leaders: you can not afford to miss this important column.

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I live in San Francisco. I look like this:

Down here is a more secret, lower-key part of the ABOUT JON page. Congratulations on finding it. Funny story: Once, a friend of mine was in Spain, eating in a restaurant, looked up and saw this old painting on the wall. It's some matador. He looks just like me!