Thanks for asking. My name is Jon Mooallem. I'm the author of the short ebook AMERICAN HIPPOPOTAMUS and also WILD ONES, which was chosen as a notable book of 2013 by The New York Times Book Review, The New Yorker, NPR’s Science Friday, Outside Magazine and Canada’s National Post among others. I've been a Contributing Writer to the New York Times Magazine since 2006 and am also writer at large for Pop-Up Magazine, the live magazine, performed on stage, in San Francisco. I've contributed to This American Life, Harper's, Wired, The New Yorker, Radiolab and lots of other magazines and radio shows. I frequently do talks about conservation and narrative journalism. In 2014, I spoke at TED.

Recently, I've written about a $42 million pigeon-breeding Ponzi scheme, a legendary, Silicon Valley design firm and a Buddhist hospice director "redesigning death," an entire Hawaiian island owned by Larry Ellison, the man who lives at the center world, a pastor who ministers exclusively to baseball umpires and crazy ants taking over Texas. Two other recent favorites are here and here. I also investigated mysterious monk seal murders in Hawaii for a cover story for the New York Times Magazine. And this one's about a monkey on the loose in Florida. And this one's about power outages caused by squirrels. For a while, I wrote a weekly column for Wired called THIS WEEK IN WILD ANIMALS. Thought leaders: you can not afford to miss this important column.

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I used to live in San Francisco, but recently I moved to Bainbridge Island, next to Seattle. I look like this:

Down here is a more secret, lower-key part of the ABOUT JON page. Congratulations on finding it. Funny story: Once, a friend of mine was in Spain, eating in a restaurant, looked up and saw this old photograph of a matador on the wall. He looks just like me!